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If it were the only happiness for anyone,

Then I would talk to them all day!

If it were the only cure for anyone,

I would give them a listening ear to say!

If it was the only relief from pain for anyone,

I would spend time with them everyday,

If it was to better health for anyone,

I would meet them every single minute of the day!

But... all this is impossible, with the pandemic between us all,

What do I do?

I can just digitally say to you,

‘I’m thinking of you every single day’!

A Happy New Year wish is digitally on its way!

There are work and holidays,

And there are the quarantine holidays.

Everyone looks forward to one,

But don’t realise when it’s finally done.

Rejoice at the prospect of not computer screening,

Celebrate a beautiful family gathering?

Eating well stands a frivolity,

With favourite Online shows an added flummery!

Holiday mornings you refuse to awaken,

It’s been long since the sun has risen,

Your kid is making a crazy mess,

But instead you dream of outings and success!

As your joy knows no bounds,

You get finished with the coffee grounds..

Rush to online websites for some exotic foods,

Excitedly tell the kids to finish online school.

You stuff yourself and put lots of alcohol in,

You get tipsy and look within,

This is the life, I need this!

But can’t believe how crazy this is!

Believe it or not you cope well

Are ready to make the most of this spell,

Then comes the evening for reflection,

How productive have you been really in comparison...

Wait a minute, it has been the same,

Yesterday u just had your computer frame,

You still haven’t gone past your front door,

Been anywhere near a bus, shop or sea shore...

Online everything is the new alternative

It’s fun to wear pyjamas to a work narrative,

Make everything ready at your fingertips,

But be ready to bow down to this isolated shit.

Wish this pandemic were over finally,

So that we all can step out with dignity!

Breathless I wait but yet not stray,

All thats caught my breath is grey

Mist on the waters flicker in my eyes

A shape, a size that cannot disguise!

Can’t figure why my mind is so set,

Dazed as the dastardly waves make a wreak

Salty waters strike my lips

Muddy debris cling to my nasal tips.

Smelling an uncanny saline scent,

As Waters again make an ascent.

Hearing a million sounds in the midst

Silent struggles are the ones eclipsed.

My hand feels an unusual wisp of wind,

Hair on ends and the air feels thinned.

Situation around leaves the head in a spin,

Thoughts in the head now leave an expression.

In denial, I would have to close my eyes,

As sand stayed on the lashes of the eyes!

Struggling to keep them closed,

Part of my face is already enclosed.

Giant waves give me a little courage,

Reminds me the strength of nature’s passage.

I stay strong as the hard waters lash.

Quickly they peak but also crash.

We see it reach the bay with patience,

Waiting and hoping, in long penitence!

After a shake of all that comprises sense...

It leaves us all with nothing more than resilience!

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