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A little thought...

From what you want to what defines you,

To what gives you the unbridled joy too.

From what you don't plan but get lovingly

To what comes from remote corners unconditionally!

From the happenings in life to the memories set,

To the blessings you haven't seen but surprisingly get,

From hoping for things and the blessings got,

To the food eaten and being satisfied a lot!

From senses to the sensational events ensuing,

To the nostalgia that keeps us going,

From the freedom searched to the liberty given,

To the untold cruelties often forgiven!

From the nature to the natural phenomena experienced

To the existential difficulties self conquered.

From the emotions stirred to create a mood

To the teaching that transforms into knowledge too!

From the little to many complexities of strife,

To the suffering and yet unmatched successes in life!

From the family, friends and the diverse population around,

To the simplest of happiness that can be found!

Happiness is what you have inside,

Nurture it and it will always take your side!

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