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A Turbulent Wave

Ripples in the sea continuously circulate

Like the fingers on a summoning hand undulate.

Light flung into the depth of the waves,

Prance like shadows inside caves!

Water’s mysteries blurred in with wonder

Bodies now covered seemingly surrender.

But that which lurks deep within,

Unexplained, lie silent in a din!

An unfamiliar visitor stirs up all our lives

Hits us again before we heave a sigh!

The power of nature as it strikes

With no warnings, the waves spike.

Fear soaked, hard to forget

This hasn’t been the first threat.

cloaked are many suffering,

But massive numbers unaccountably missing!

Drenched to a pulp people seek refuge,

For even a mere droplet is a deluge.

Everything dampened lies immersed

Inundated but none to quench the thirst.

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