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An Awakening

Unaware of what’s coming soon,

Patience flies but I shrug a swoon,

Birds diving mockingly into the sea,

I ask ‘What news do you have for me?’

‘A gigantic wave emerges from a land

where water embraces the crimson sand!’

A smooth wind hits the face, birds flying in a sweat

It’s difficult... now a suffocating threat!

A disaster baffling us insane,

Unseen, unheard, far from plain.

As the birds just fly high and soar

The menace cracks everyone, an uproar.

Throttling humankind at the very core

A little touch of water, a sneeze to the fore,

The birds now distant, insinuate no more!

As nature vehemently retaliates at every shore.

Solidarity is the only way forward ,

Patience must prevail or we’ll slump backwards.

The birds now only tweet far away,

‘Stay at home and pray, don’t fervently stray!’

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