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Colours in the Sea

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

Undulating waves swish around,

Their colours excitingly astound,

Replete with different virtues,

Deeper we get, the darker the hues.

White waters lash with energy,

Its speed seldom stays a mystery,

Pearly whites toughen the bay,

Crystal ones ice the ocean way.

Pink shades speak of beauty

that lie as shallow sands below the sea...

Its allure draws you close,

As waves display the gentle grandiose.

Mellow shades paint a green?

Its calm manifests aquamarine.

Greener waters seldom reveal,

Beyond their outward glowing appeal.

Bluer hints make way for the deep,

Showing the many qualities it keeps,

Deep Indigo keeps away the light adages,

These depths haven't changed for ages.

When seas turn a dull grey,

Nature's been shaken in the wrong way,

It tries with might to fight back,

Before it becomes a murky black.

Around the world its easily seen,

where these waters have seemingly been!

But with colours they find a way to express,

the many mysteries hidden inside themselves.

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