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Creatures in the sea - 1

The wind sweeps up and teases the water,

The gentle kiss of the rain, its patter,

the gust of the wind locks it in a challenge,

the waves try to stir up the balance!

Amidst this lie the creatures down below,

water is their life as it flows...

As they seem to struggle wearily for existence,

they swim deeper in sheer existence.

In the thundering sound of the waves,

there is a sweet melody from the caves,

Sea bound birds chirping all in vigour,

strong in their constant rigour.

A dolphin's belly shines as it leaps,

the whale appears smiling it peeks,

Shoals of fish in the shallows,

defy the currents in a divine hallow.

Surface of the seas display only a little,

to what lurks underneath its a tittle.

A new world is present deep below,

dark secrets that amaze and glow.

On the ocean bed are animal like plants,

Or those that blend with the sands,

Camouflage helps with the loneliness,

but attracts the wrong attention to its countenance.

Molluscs prepared to leave shell like homes,

Beside Octopi in dark stone domes...

the deep for the sea is another world,

caught up secretly in a twirl.

The creatures here glow in this space,

gem like realm below the water surface,

but never completely reveal true identities,

Even when rudely shaken of their peace...

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