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Creatures in the Sea- 2

Selfishly the wind attempts at swiping the water away,

But this hidden world will not be taken astray.

Cheerful are the creatures that are existing,

For hundreds of years, neoteric, yet evolving.

A lone stingray deftly glides,

playing with various fishes aside,

Respect clenches these beings together,

A natural bond grasps them tighter...

Shells and bones left behind freely speak their mind,

that which is spoken with a language of its kind.

Whose haunting tunes play with even no music,

As the turtles clamber across the Pacific.

Crabs actively bustling below the surface,

While sharks and whales eagerly race,

changes the hues of water many times,

Like the rainbow to the dull, cloudy skies.

Seaweed seem to add more colour

With jell fish dancing, more grandeur,

Plants and animals coexist in such a beautiful place,

where ice or rain can't disturb their content face!

As the dimples on the water draws circles,

No fear affects these creatures,

Only that of being plain discovered,

Memory of this sight is a spectacle to be remembered!

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