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Dialogues in the sea

Water narrates to the leeching coast,

Of a sea brimming, ready to boast,

‘Isn’t it time for you to bow down in obeisance?

Pledge loyalty with mere complacence’

Lashing with force, it froths at the edges,

Insinuates and spawns a face so savage.

The bay hardly shaken, answers ‘no way,

I can’t let myself be consumed away.’

Waves strike the bay indiscriminately,

Swipe, an unyielding spite forcibly.

clumping mud with its suppressed emotions,

‘I’ll lift you up, I’ll hold my convictions’

While the muddy debris awaits its next,

It shakes and wakes under this pretext...

‘I’m easy to lift and be taken away,

But not so weak for my mind to sway.’

Sea admonishes, ‘accompany me,

Sands never stay on the beach , you see!’

Whisking chunks, changing course,

Steadily battling to remove by force.

Dirt smeared bay, let’s go in vain,

Not showing the inflicted pain.

Simply saying, ‘ I’ll let go and now depart 

Return later to where resides my heart’

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