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Drippy Defiance

There stays no calm for the waves,

Water lashing it’s anger out on the caves,

Splattering on the green glistening rocks

Fore taking its rage to the docks!

Sentiments never seem to be enough,

Attachment to its land, a little rough.

As it’s uniqueness flows everywhere

The wrath is disseminated in a snare.

Would much likely be fire than water now,

Beseeching every corner with a vow.

Not abiding by any regulation,

Not afraid of any strong opposition...

Burning with desire to do right,

Bearing all, showing no fright.

Burgeoning in quantity, swollen at the ends,

Bursting from impatience through the bends.

Water fast floods the depth of the crevice,

Defiant waves stand out as a vice.

Sticking out it’s thumb, a bit broken

Its voice chanting,’ Here is my freedom’.

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