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Glimpses of Lockdown

As we stay in, shielded by our homes

From an enemy unseen and unfathomed,

Everywhere an uncertainty of an end,

Staying away, the only thing we can comprehend!

Maybe it’s a time to deeply reflect,

Conjure up that inner intellect.

What’ve we done to slow the world down?

Some take it with a laugh, some with a frown...

With many levels of isolation, some of us alone

Some of us with sickness to atone,

With the multitudes, in a fight with no weapons,

Waiting for a blessing from the heavens.

Some of us close to the family,

Embrace the situation with humility.

Togetherness never felt so close,

In the familial support, they find repose!

Some of us find solitude in a lockdown,

But some feel more like a breakdown.

So much has changed to what they revere

It’s the helplessness that drives fear.

Some have fear for their way of life,

Hunger seems to hit hard their plight,

How can they support a loved one,

When there is literally no work to be done.

Some in throngs of service and care,

Give the suffering treatment beyond compare,

What might be the plight of this sacrifice?

Is they neglect their own health and lives.

Some stay calm but others lash out,

Humanity suffers and yet speaks out!

Nature’s test to see how much we’ve evolved,

Are we to applaud or be appalled!

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