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Begging for more than those sanitised walls,

Utter disgust, the situation,the fall.

Outside window panes, it gleams

Curtains conceal any light beams.

Will the stay be long drawn or short,

Difficult to say, fear ensconced in every doubt,

The mattress to keep warm but yet cold

Not sure of what horror might unfold!

What is this dreary place, isolated,

Cause it feels dark and suffocated.

Treatment seems to be little or none

Waiting till a debatable cure comes!

A world caught up in a single problem

Yes, I’m fighting yet not forgiven.

No matter how much aid is succoured,

Not pain but loneliness makes me suffer.

Strange metal instruments feel vain,

A mask makes me want to complain.

No matter how much you detest or fight,

The Uncertainty breaks all our might!

Every movement is seemingly onerous,

A breath, a gasp, very arduous.

Like drowning in the water depths,

An extraordinary weakness smells of death.

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