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Journeys in the sea

A long, winding course to migrate,

Saline granular winds swiftly inundate...

smog stung glazed tiny eyes,

soaring flocks fill the vagrant blue skies.

Every inch, every mile a dedication,

flight in single determination.

swinging deftly - side to side

over the seas miles to glide.

Whenever hunger becomes the need,

they swoop down to the water to feed.

A cloudy mist menaces the way,

sands unruly awakened by the bay!

As fog painted mountains deceive eyes,

a blast of color dictates the sky!

Distance clocked in like a song,

soaked in the rain, sun and storm...

We ponder, 'Why's the journey every time

difficult yet important in a life time?

new home or place just made in stages

as birds migrated for centuries and ages...'

Undeterred will drives the faithful lot,

to escape the splintering cold spots.

dazed and crazed millions fly away,

Only to return when warm weather favors the day

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