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Messages in the sea

Updated: Sep 15, 2018

Frothing freshly it brushes the seacoast,

Waters whisper like speech almost,

Listen to the countless sounds they make

Are they secret messages or a keepsake?

If you hear closely, they tell you so,

Of the many lands to which they flow.

Witnessing each time something unique,

news from the mountains and the deep!

Seafarers journeys across time,

ships that have sunk or treasures to find!

Many people in search of a belonging,

or those forced into a life of longing...

Sometimes arouses the greatest of delights,

From love stories to vicious tales alike,

Messages in bottles that stir up a storm,

Of mysteries that can take any form.

Narrating of parellel worlds that entice,

and in this calm does it arise.

Informing of the many faces of nature,

or of recurrent conflicts and danger!

Occasionally the remains on a beach,

are that of sea creatures taking a peek.

Crawling to experience life's mysteries,

A phenomenon for copious centuries.

Nature speaks through these waters,

About a balance, now badly slaughtered.

It tosses vehemently back on the shores,

Impure debris that agonize the ocean-floors...

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