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I’m out there...out there in the open

I’m out there... but you just cannot see!

With a virus raging everywhere, people dying in despair...

I am feeling impossibly impaired.

If all u feel is crazy desperation,

work from home and everything’s undone

kids are always on devices...just let it go let it go!

In the moment that’s shocked us in every angle

The disease had spread faster than the known

We feel that there was no respite,

no cure and none to fight

Nothing to save us from this plight!

Slowly a prick, then a strain...

Witnesses that cannot help with pain

So many dead and sick on the trail

Breathing for them is unimaginably frail.

If there’s a person listening to our prayer,

‘This world’s not ready for an end

We all try our best to help this situation

But it’s letting us go....letting go!

( can be set to the tune of linkin park’s song Iridescence )

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