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Noises in the sea

You may think there's silence by the shore,

But the sounds of the seas open many doors.

To a strange symphony that may play,

As the waves lash their thoughts away.

From every thought flows a sound,

Sounds give forth to emotions around,

Slow whispers bead words apart,

And so sing the oceans from the heart!

A curious wave sounds like a flute,

playing the tune of a pirate's loot!

plunder as they may through all the lands,

sometimes the treasure is out of their hands!

A stormy sea gives consistent drum beats,

Telling of the diligence of a seafarer's fleet,

To earn a living in a new country or place,

Or play the beats to see a new face.

Higher notes mean a woman singing-

Of the splendors of a love beginning...

A lonely heart but despondent,

The desperate heart craves a respondent.

Water raises its voice that abruptly falls,

the angry fisherman furtively calls.

Out at sea he has no catch,

The wind informs him of a mysterious path!

Tidal waves crescendo with the storm,

Shouting at everything that comes along!

Reiterating, 'I am the master of the sea,

I am the beginning and the end to be!'

And then relief envelopes the surf reaching the shores,

Frothing away, its feelings pour,

Its melancholic notes talk of hidden fears,

Riding waves but yet shedding tears!

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