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Romance that you...sea

Water glistens the sun like gold dust,

Light caresses the top with lust!

An attraction that draws everything to the heart,

Enchanted, mesmerizing from the start.

The sea sways with its waves,

A dance that becomes intense in a daze,

If moonlight creates a more desperate tide,

It could pounce harder and cause a landslide!

Fondling the face of the sea

The light spreads its love eagerly...

Does the water accept it with grace?

Or keep it at bay with distaste.

As the symphony of emotions overflow,

The light contends to make the shores glow.

Seeping in through the layers gently,

Not percolating to its insides fully...

Gusts of wind desperately interfere,

Tease the layers of sea far from azure,

The wind gets past in a vehement tizzy,

Now the waters transform into manic and dizzy.

Wind and light strive for attention,

Vividly showing new types of affection,

Presents a presumable flighty romance,

Or a love affair, a game of chance?

Not revealing its heart the sea embraces,

Plays the sentiments with its phases,

Deep inside its flirtatious exterior,

Lies the arcane and the pure!

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