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Scents in the Sea

What would the smell of the seas be for us?

If not vaguely familiar yet mysterious!

To reminisce it we need to be close,

Embrace and absorb it as the costal wind blows.

As we fervently take in all the different scents,

A perfume sweeps in with a calm fragrance,

The saline smell hides but slowly falters,

When light dips through these beautiful waters...

A furtive glance, a fleeting scent,

Not too much of a flirty ascent,

Yet it beckons the wind to approach its surface,

A redolent kiss conferred on purpose!

The moistness of the mist keeps

fluttery resounding heartbeats,

Tickles the senses through and through,

Touches and tingles the nose with thoughts too...

A sensual aroma emerges from the deep,

rocking waves in the fragrant seas.

Is not a marine smell one of longing?

Waiting for it seems more promising!

And when the stench comes from fiery storms,

frightful showers possess the wave forms,

Drives it to the edge to do things...

A sense of passion that it brings!

Finally, a tranquil whiff sweeps the shore,

Giving it all from the ocean floor,

A satisfaction comes from within,

Coloring parts of its exposed skin!

Rapacious attempts to hold it back,

as the waves take an accustomed path-

To slip away till next time their together,

only to leave behind a pleasant odor to remember...

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