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Soul searching waves

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

The water dances with the waves,

Glistens and then lashes at the caves,

Partially inundated in untouched beauty

Half sunken in hidden identity!

Will there be someone who will come to unravel,

the secrets behind the darkest tunnel,

there lies only one entrance to be sought,

and it lies as the most arduous of spots.

However high the waves may reach,

they pledge to erode mountains of the highest peak.

It still can't flood the caves below them,

or even try and subdue this gem.

Inner strength keeps it from annoyance,

Stays away as the familiar alliance,

Thus it continues for generations to fold,

still speaks of no firm hold!

when waters hastily reach the shore,

It changes color a little more...

Now humbled in the cave's midst,

creates even a steamy mist!

this will go on more often,

and yet the caves don't easily soften,

In fact the waters ego bleeds...

and blends into the colorful seas.

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