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Storms in the sea

Sound of marooned ships scrunched against the sand,

Bellies of the oceans swollen retch every strand.

a storm with rain comes laughing for its share-

Scary, nothing stops it. no one dares!

A sad music haunts the air,

Cloudy winds convene as a pair,

and the mist covers the vengeful waters,

Hides everything it slaughters!

Wreaking with pleasure all their paths,

Causing floods as they furlough past...

With the physical might that is obvious,

Reasons for it though mysterious.

Does it justify the lives pinched away,

Or the destruction caused by the bay?

Waters are supposed to be a giving source,

why then so much sorrow in its force?

Maybe, nature's flow of thoughts in despair,

cause it to just react and not care,

it would seem it follows the basics -

of an Almighty force it eternally chases...

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