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Sun and the sea

A rendezvous every dusk, natural

An affair so pure yet surreal!

The solar light almost dims it’s brilliance,

Bowing to a pristine sea’s resplendence.

The sun slowly crawls the water,

As saline scents draw it closer,

Raptured, Enveloped in deep thought

It makes a curious descent on a spot.

Will the sea accept its blistering calidity?

Embrace it in all graceful solidarity,

To express its true feelings hushed

To feel the insides once again flushed!

Waters blushing with wry charm,

As the evening sun holds a glance.

Orange hues change to a pale red,

Beauty unexplainable, more seen less said.

Water reflections in colors, compelling

A mighty plunge, sun rays descending,

With the millionth of seconds precious,

A parting comes with silent darkness!

An emotion intense but short lived 

Crazed if not repressed,

Deep reds darken, a night befalls,

Longing for the next when the dawn calls!

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